Well, some questions have crept up among friends in the time I’ve lived here. It’s kind of pointless posting polls, considering my readership is almost solely friends that I know here in the city. The same four friends. But maybe you’ll pass the questions along, because I’m trying to gather enough data for … something.

You’ll be able to tell right off how important these questions are. Just trying to see exactly how strong your opinions are. If you want, justify your votes in the comments.

Have you ever had the Oreo cookie conversation with me? How do you feel about the cream (creme) in the middle? What do you prefer, the perfect proportions of the regular, or peeling a layer of wax and/or lard from your tongue from the Double Stuf? Also, how do you dunk your cookies? Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Sorry. Was busy swallowing my cookie.

    The Oreo cookie, as originally constituted, is as iconic and irreplaceable as you can get. Does the Lord’s Supper offer a choice of regular or extra-crispy? Would a heart surgeon slow a delicate transfusion operation to pick between O-Positive and O-Positive Zero? I think not. And thus the stuf of doubles crosseth not my lips. I also want to know what they did with all those extra F’s from the name of the abominable brand. Probably passed them out to little schoolchildren who went home crying because they didn’t pass.

    As for the behavior of eating, the corkscrewing of the cookie is mandatory. Preferably getting all the filling on one side which is then savored straight with a milk chaser, leaving the pure chocolate distaff side to be dunked.

    (Forgive my prior impertinence, btw- I’m still conflicted about not being able to see certain residents of that city that often anymore.)

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