Summer Quirks

What I’ll miss: Mister Softee
So, it’s not the best tasting ice cream in the world, and I abhor paying at least $2 for cold, creamy slightly sweetened … foam, but the trucks on various corners all over the city will always remind of summers here. I’d always get a vanilla-chocolate twist cone. Sometimes with nuts.

What I won’t miss: busted fire hydrants
So, the kids in my part of the city know how to open the fire hydrants. They fashion some sort of wrench and uncap the hydrants and the streets flood and the kids splash, and all of a sudden I have malaria.

2 thoughts on “Summer Quirks

  1. Hi May – Thanks for the compliment, I guess. Two points and a question. The price of $2 for a cone is about the average in the Northeast. We use the best available ice cream mix. What is your favorite or better tasting soft serve ice cream ?

    Good luck,
    Jim Conway
    Mister Softee Inc.

    • Jim,

      Thanks so much for your comment; how very exciting! I understand that cost is cost, and $2 is standard. Perhaps I can attribute my complaining to being a tightwad or having to pay high rents along with my chocolate-vanilla, soft-serve swirl.

      I’ve always wondered how a truck can generate hundreds of cones every day throughout the summer. As far as taste goes, I can’t really distinguish between soft serve brands. McDonald’s vs. Dairy Queen vs. Sonic vs. you? I’ve had your ice cream more frequently than at the other businesses, because 1)you’re convenient 2)you provide immense nostalgia. I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

      I might have to try another cone to round out my response.

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