This Week’s Schedule

Monday morning: Trip to Bensonhurst to see my friend, Jessica
Tuesday night: Greg Laswell with my girl posse
Wednesday morning: Helping my friend K paint her apartment
Wednesday night: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with some of my uptown friends
Thursday: Lunch with  a friend uptown
Friday morning: meet up with a friend for walking, lunch at Edgar’s
Friday night: Temple with my former seminary co-teacher
Friday night: Old friend coming into town to visit for the weekend (hopefully)

I’ll try make time to hang out with everyone who wants to. Get a hold of me, and I’ll get you on my calendar.

26 days, people.

Summer Quirks

What I’ll miss: Mister Softee
So, it’s not the best tasting ice cream in the world, and I abhor paying at least $2 for cold, creamy slightly sweetened … foam, but the trucks on various corners all over the city will always remind of summers here. I’d always get a vanilla-chocolate twist cone. Sometimes with nuts.

What I won’t miss: busted fire hydrants
So, the kids in my part of the city know how to open the fire hydrants. They fashion some sort of wrench and uncap the hydrants and the streets flood and the kids splash, and all of a sudden I have malaria.