I’m Behind Schedule

I have posts. I promise I have posts.

But I also have a friend to feature. I do this on Mondays. Today is not Monday.

Ooh. I also have a guest post. It’s a pretty awesome guest post.

Sorry to be letting you down this week. I say we start with a clean slate next Monday.

This weekend was pretty great. I love how things can still be fun even when they go wrong.

I blame the humidity for all of it. And perhaps a daddy-long-legs. Or two, or three million.

Can you imagine? Three million times eight legs?

I need to make a list about this weekend.

Distracted driving
Taylor Swift, over and over
Providence, RI
Kissing the ground
Going to the bathroom
Sandwich, MA
Camping in a tent
Borrowing a hatchet
Late-night texting in a tent
“Thickly Settled” 30 MPH
Dead squirrel
Not going to Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard
The History of Martha’s Vineyard
Cones choosing their color
Flirting with a little boy tour guide
His name is “Cody”
A lame lighthouse
Beautiful beaches with frigid water and pleasant sand
Cool lighthouses
Cape Cod in general
Renting/Riding bikes
Bugs, marshland
Harvest moon
Not the best food ever
Except for the ice cream
Tongue size
Gertrude, the amazing GPS
Cold mornings
Weird noises at night
Dogs, screaming children
Plymouth, MA; the rock, Burial Hill, Bob at the courthouse
Family history
Alphabet lists
Boston, MA
Freedom Trail
Bunker Hill
Babies in shirts
Longfellow makes it true
Belmont, MA
Heading back to NYC at 10:45PM
Cold Snackwraps
Wrong Pringles
Caffeine as a sedative
Chinese fire drills
Confused boys in nearby cars
Singing at the top of our lungs
Catching up with friends in love
Cheesecake for breakfast at Junior’s in Brooklyn
Enjoying bad movies with friends

I know I’ve missed a few things. I had a blast. I know it wasn’t Maine, but it was an amazing time.


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