Alphabet, Take 1

Always begging
Constantly digging
for grace
Heaving infinite joys
Keeping level
mastering nuance
offering penance.
Quickly running
Twists untangle
Whittling xoanon,

This poem is crap. Sorry about the X word. That’s part of what makes this exercise fun. It’s  also part of what makes it sound silly and stupid. The word looks so foreign, so alien, so out of place, but X is what comes after W, and that word looks like I’m trying too hard, but there are far worse words. I don’t dislike X words; they’re just unusual, and maybe they make me a little … xenophobic.


If this is your idea of fun, you should give this a try. 26 words, one for each letter of the alphabet, in order.


ETA: The D word. Not as clumsy as X. Thanks, Andrew.