Well, folks. I’m back from camp. I’m pretty tired.

I have a whole entry brewing, but I’d thought I’d list a couple of … not-highlights from this past week.

It was humid. On Wednesday I decided to go bra-less, and it was incredibly comfortable. But the rest of the week wasn’t conducive to doing that. I’ll provide details on that later. Because I know you want to know them.

Um, I showered once. That means one (1) time. It was Thursday, after the hike, and after I took a dip in the lake, and after one of the leaders asked me if I had showered. Then that’s when I said I hadn’t showered since Monday, and that’s when she said, “Good for you!” in a way that really means “That’s the most disgusting thing I have ever heard.”

BUT, kids. I drank 3/4 gallon of water each day; I wasn’t smelly – only a little grimy – and I didn’t end up with nearly as many mosquito bites as many of my fellow campers. But I was also really careful about applying insect repellent whenever I could.

More later, when I’m less delirious.

Thanks to Amy for guest blogging, and thanks to the few of you who kept texting me throughout the week.

I really missed you. Remind me to gush about the girls and the stars and the food and the crafts and the new friends I made. Remind me to give you a hug every time I see you.

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