The Rest of This Week

I had to say goodbye to a couple of friends this evening. They were in the city just for the summer, but we had a lot of fun together. They’re actually leaving Wednesday, but I’m catching the Metro North in the morning to help out at a church camp for the young women. This parting was hard for me. I really grew to love those gals, and I’m grateful we’re good friends now. I’ll  miss them.

I’m not going to have internet access the rest of this week. We have a guest post scheduled, then a few quiet days. I’ll also have very limited cell phone access. I’ll probably have reception, but that’s not the point. The point is being away from civilization for a while. So, I’ll have my phone turned off, except for a few moments each evening, where I’ll expect to have gotten some awesome text messages. I’ll be keeping track throughout the week. The author of the best text message gets … a free, 30-minute shoulder rub? a special friend feature on this blog? fame and glory? a Pop Tart? hugs for life? To the 5 people who read this blog who also happen to have my phone number: get creative, text me some love this week, and I’ll make it worth your while.

I’ll miss you. Have a wonderful week. I’ll see you when I get back.

The Best General Advice I Could Ever Follow Right Now

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

So …

I could, but I shouldn’t, so I didn’t.

And it’s the best for everybody.

Sorry, kids, I can’t get more specific than that.

Hopefully this time next year when I revisit this post I will have forgotten what it was all about.


Oh! I’m going to be gone the rest of this week, so a couple of guest bloggers will appear. Stay tuned.