In the firmament, Perseus wages his annual war over my head. Metal clashes, sparks fly. Stars shoot, at a rate of 60 per hour, and I hope to catch one.

We had just eaten pizza. As we walk the Brooklyn Bridge, a cool breeze passes through. The sky is overcast. I am with some friends. I am reminiscing like crazy. I see the skyline, and it’s like I’m in love. I remember the first time I crossed this bridge, over six years ago.

We discuss the engineering marvel the Brooklyn Bridge is. We tell a few stories. We stop to take a few pictures. We break into song. Sometimes I walk by myself for a little while before rejoining my friends.

As we walk off the bridge, I say, “I’m really happy right now.” I’m about to cry, and I catch myself.

It looks like I can save my wish for another day.

A little discussion.

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