Movie List in the Past Four Days

Movies I have watched lately:

Ratatouille – Rewatch. Interpersonal relationships. And Inter-rat relationships. And food. In France. This made me hungry and repulsed me at the same time. Because of the rats. I cried.

Pucker Up – Rewatch. I love whistling. It’s so happy! You can even whistle Elliott Smith and feel cheerful afterward. This documentary has a bunch of good whistlers under one roof competing for international whistling champion. So much fun. I clapped, but did not cry.

WALL-E – Rewatch, first time in the theater. Some people didn’t like this. I did. The story is solid. Pixar always delivers for me. The animation is great. I cried.

The Color of Paradise – Iranian film about blindness. Or sight. Depends on how you look at it. Pun intended. I cried.

LauraLittle murder mystery with a few fun twists. Black and white. And shades of grey. Vincent Price was very handsome when he was younger. Also, Gene Tierney is gorgeous. I didn’t cry.

La Vie En RoseLong biopic about Edith Piaf, French singer. Depressing. Marion Cotillard definitely earns her Oscar. I wanted to cry, but I also felt a little sick.

Spirited AwayLovely anime with a captivating story and some truly funny moments. Nice morals to the story, too. A lot of vomiting, though. Didn’t seem like cartoon vomit. And, pigs. Lesson: stay out of fantastical Japanese bath houses. I did not cry.

Who Killed the Electric Car?Informative documentary on the history of electric vehicles and maybe a slightly heavy slant on how petroleum-dependent our world is. Also? It would be awesome if we all plugged in our cars. Like toasters. I did not cry.

84 Charing Cross RoadDelightful film. Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft. I was surprised how I fell in love with it from the very beginning. I cried. Jenny the Librarian has since encouraged me to read the book. I can’t wait.

Tonight’s film:

A Man for All Seasons – this will be a rewatch. I really liked it the first time. Goodness is the main character, and I remember how inspired I felt four or so years ago when I watched this movie. I cried. I’ll probably cry again.

Next in the queue:

Tron – Yes, I’m feeling very nostalgic and old-school nerdy. Doesn’t everybody? Make me want to cry.

The Dish – See comment just above. Also, we recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. For those of us who think it actually happened. I might cry.

Princess Mononoke – I like Miyazake. According to some, his work is fanciful. I probably won’t cry.

The Straight Story – I’ve been very interested in seeing this for a while. It’s a drama. I’ll probably cry.

A little discussion.

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