I’m Dying Here

I’m not sure how many resumes I’ve submitted.
I don’t  know how many cover letters I’ve written.
I am expecting a couple of interviews in the next week.
I don’t expect to survive on a single freelancing gig, as grateful as I am for that.

In the meantime, I’m trying not to go insane. In the morning, I pick up the daily free paper, read the headlines, skim the want ads, do the crossword puzzle.

I start in on Craigslist.

I take some deep breaths, but usually after plugging my hair back into its follicles after pulling it out.

I get to chat online with friends, which is extremely helpful. They help keep my spirits up.

Looked through old emails today. After a thought occurred to me last night. Because I need to do something more with my time.

Sent an email:

Hi, [Nice Person]. How are you? Thanks for your response to my email. I posted the entry on my blog, and so far, so good.
Again, I don’t know if you’re the right person to ask, but I was wondering if your company accepts volunteers of any sort. Not interns, just people who are trying to avoid driving themselves mad by being productive in the interim while they are looking for steady employment. A few hours a day.
Anyway, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
Thanks again,
May Anderton

Then, Nice Person promptly responded:

Dear May,
Thanks so much for letting me know.
And thanks for your query about volunteering! We have a group of summer interns in place, but let me ask around (we’re in a small corner of  [A Certain Books Review]) and see if anyone anticipates any projects coming up that might use an extra pair of hands. So nice to be asked!
Best, [Nice Person]

So, we’ll see. People could always use free help. And people might know people. And if they don’t know people or can’t be a connection, at least then I’ll have the experience. Experience is good.

But mostly, I’m just sick of wallowing in a constant pathetic state, on the brink of depression. It’s not the funnest place to be. I really don’t have time or can’t afford to feel sorry for myself.

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