Three Things About the Trip

1. Take what you can get
People give what they can
It’s not all about you
It’s not personal, except when it is
Recognize when it is
Isn’t that right, Canadian border patrol lady?

2. Give all you can
Moments matter
Because the people you love matter
And you never want to regret holding back
Especially when you’re one of the two people
Awake in the car
And the other person is driving

3. All time is quality time

I learned about geotagging on the iPhone. I learned a lot about other people and myself. I learned stuff that I’ll wait to write about, just because I need to think about it a while. Although this writing is vague, my heart is full, and my perspective is clear.

Also, if you ever get the chance to ride/drive a Nissan Cube, take it. You’ll get more attention than you could ever imagine.

Pictures to come. Maybe even video.

Thanks for a wonderful time.

4 thoughts on “Three Things About the Trip

  1. Well, depends on where you are for the Nissan Cube. Here, they’re EVERYWHERE. Just about everyone drives one. That or the Honda Fit. They’re easily the most common cars you see on the road. It is a cute little car.

    • Yeah, I guess I should have qualified that statement a bit. We got a lot of weird stares and laughs and double-takes. It was fun.

  2. Having a lawyer in your border-crossing party never hurts.

    But I would’ve come up the 16 miles even if I hadn’t been with you the whole time.

    • It wasn’t as painful as I made it sound. She was just cranky.

      And, for some reason, Buffalo seemed farther away than 16 miles. I really appreciate the sentiment.

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