A Few Peripheral but not Insignificant Events This Weekend

In which the Free Kayaking lead volunteer gathered us to explain the waiver:

“So, I see we have a child here.”

I looked around to see who brought a kid.

He was looking at me.


In which I ran down the escalator to catch the train home this morning:

I jumped from the last few steps to the platform.

But not far enough. Caught the last step as it sank into the floor.

Landed funny on my ankle. Rolled it.

It bent funny.

It hurt.

I swore. “$#!&!!”

I limped.

Subway doors closed. Missed the train.

Still limping.

Trying to keep it together for when my roommate moves back to Utah:

This is not successful at all.

Eyes are tearing up a lot.

She leaves Wednesday.

In which righteous people just can’t keep it together:

Sometimes the world makes me so freaking mad.

In which Mondays are quite possibly the worst day of the week:

See just above.

Then, other things.

In which this post went way south:

Sorry about that, y’all.