This Is My Blog

And I can read it and see that it lacks focus.
But it’s really no different than any other time when I decide to write about whatever.
I mean, I can write about whatever.
This is my venue.
And it’s public domain.
I guess I can find focus.
Like it’s easy.
My thoughts are scattered.
How much more vulnerable do I need to be?
Whatever I don’t write about isn’t public.
Whatever I don’t talk about I’m not ready to talk about.
I can only control so much, you know?
If you really want to be rid of me, just say so.
I can disappear without having to leave.
Which is kind of what I’ve done with this blog lately.
Because everything’s not clear.
Your concern.
My impatience.
I’ve become blurry, and you don’t see me.
And it’s just going to take time.

This is my blog.
This is your heads up.