Summer To-Do List

Toss a ball
Fly a kite
Paddle a canoe
Drive to Palmyra
Ride a bike
Explore a Governor’s Island
Chillax on a beach
Enjoy Shakespeare in the Park
Enjoy more live music
Experience all the kinds of NYC hot dogs
Attend the circus and boardwalk at Coney Island
Camp in the woods
Hike on a trail
Sit and read in a park
Don’t get mad whenever my roommate’s half of the room explodes onto my half
Et cetera

I love what’s crossed out. It happened this evening. All day, actually. Seriously, Twelfth Night at the Delacorte Theater is amazing. This production was excellent, and it’s probably the best way to experience Shakespeare. Of course it deserves its own blog post. And I’d love to do it again, but maybe without all the waiting for 8 hours. I wonder how that would work.

My friends and I are working on what’s not crossed out yet. I’m working on one item in particular. Struggling with it, actually.

A little discussion.

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