Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

Good morning, folks.

That’s the first thing she writes, the first thing she does when she wakes up, as soon as the computer restarts. She needs to read, she needs to finish (re)applying to colleges; she needs to shower. She smells her hair: it’s fine.

It’s about to rain. She can hear the hesitation in the passing cars outside her window.

I really have no idea what I’m going to write today. Quite a bit is on my mind right now. I hope you understand.

She knows exactly what she’s going to write, at least she has a very strong idea. But she’ll be darned if she just lays it all out for all the public to see in crappy, makeshift fashion. At least this time.

You see, this “thing” happened, and I NEED to write about it, but this is going to take some time.

She jotted down some notes last night and a rough outline. That one sentence is probably the only true sentence in this entire post. She pats her tummy and thinks about how she’s going swimming on Saturday and her body is totally not ready for a swimsuit. Okay, fine. Two sentences.

So, to bide my time, I present to you this video. I actually got this from Kate the Great’s blog (see sidebar). Maybe you’re already part of the nearly 1.7 million views; still, nothing’s wrong with sharing, especially since this is the first time I’ve seen the video. What are blogs for, after all?

She’s plugged into her iPod, wires dangling from her ears. Barenaked Ladies is singing to her about Brian Wilson. Now The Be Good Tanyas. Shaker, banjo, guitar. Bluegrassy swing. She can’t justify cranking out an insta-dreck  of a story when such great music fills her noggin. She’s getting inspired.

Right now I’m listening to The Best Playlist Ever, and I’m getting inspired. Relient K’s “Be My Escape” is playing. Somehow the accent piano chords stick out through the electric guitar during the chorus and that’s almost all I hear. Sometimes the lyrics “gotta get out of here” and “be my escape” actually reach my ears.

Apparently, she’s also getting distracted. Also, the songs change pretty quickly because this entire post is pretty much in real time. See, now Cake’s “Mexico” is on.

Well, fine. So maybe I do know what I’m going to write. I mean, it’s about this “thing” that happened to me, and the story pretty much tells itself. Those of you who have already heard it as part of my oral history know it can stand on its own. But if it gets passed on to posterity only orally, it’s gonna end up a seriously jacked-up story. You know, I might turn into a dragon and breathe fire and singe the remaining hair on some guy who only wanted to propose as we stood on the Hudson River and watched the sky flicker and wretch from the apocalypse. You know? That telephone game teaches some very valuable lessons about personal interpretation. Anyway, my experience also deserves some serious writing. Actual documentation. And by “serious” I mean flipping hilarious. And by “actual” I mean this ain’t no fiction. What the crap, people.

So maybe this is where the video comes in.

So maybe this is where the video comes in. I mean, everyone knows the song, but this “version” of the song really highlights the video, and it really keeps you on your toes. Enjoy it. You may end up singing along. It’s actually not relevant to my story, but hey, this is a diversion. 

Anyway, thanks for your patience. Please forgive my stalling tactics. I just hope in writing I don’t leave out any important details from this truly watershed moment of my life, but I really feel execution is critical. By “execution” and “critical” I mean forms of dying.

Ooh, neat, “Our House” by Madness.

Madness, indeed.

ETA: The video isn’t cooperating. Here’s the link to YouTube.


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