Down Time

I really like the legroom on these flights
The movies, the service
The smoking I could live without, but you know,
Departure wasn’t too bad
It’s always a wonder how
These massive metal monsters
Leave the ground and cross oceans
And we’re in the air for hours, on a flight
The weather is a bit unpredictable, precarious
The pilot announces something
Mais je n’écoute pas,
And I continue reading
I brought a lot of reading
There’s a lot of time to pass on this plane
The plane hits a bump
I look out the window
And the sky moves
Swirls, shudders, angry
The plane dips, swoops
And finds level
My stomach sinks
And doesn’t return to elevation
The plane tips
Engines cut
The lights blink then fail
I can’t breathe
Windows blow
My book flies away
All of us
Le pilote, aussi.
He’s flown this route before,
Air France Flight 447
Rio to Paris
The plane crumbles
We disappear.
The Atlantic Ocean is huge
They won’t find me
But I wait for them to find
That black box,
boîte noire
So I can understand
So my family can understand
And my friends
Who are anxious
It’s taking a long time
But I am patient
The search has expanded and extended
Into an effort, massive, mighty, sweeping.

One thought on “Down Time

  1. May!

    i found your blog on your facebook profile. yay for your blog. love it already. and yay for getting to know you better tonight. and yay for indigo girls. and jaymay. i just realized she’s actually playing on Sat. and not Fri. here’s the info:

    Jinners & Stark Northside Festival Showcase!
    Saturday, June 13th
    @ Cameo (93 N. 6th Street)
    Located behind The Lovin’ Cup restaurant
    Brooklyn, NY
    L train to Bedford Avenue

    she has a myspace page ( that she seems to be updating more than her web site (

    enjoy! i’m not going to her gig this time b/c she plays at 11 in BKLN and i must teach 6 year olds very early the next day. i heart primary :). fo’ shizzle.



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