Busy Day

Both of my roommates are back home. We had breakfast together when I got back from seminary. French toast. It was gluten-free and delicious.

I’ve been applying to schools. Wanna know which ones?

CUNY: Baruch College, City College, Hunter College


For CUNY, I only had to pay one application fee for all three schools. So that was pretty cool.

For BYU, the application fee isn’t required, I guess since I’m a returning student. They won’t let me change my major online, but I think it would be okay to talk to an advisor and go ahead and do that.

Oh, I’m also applying for scholarships. You know, just for fun.

I’ve contacted the unemployment office.
I’ve downloaded relevant documents pertaining to undergrad admissions.
Bureaucracy and I have quickly become reacquainted.
Being American makes it a little different, though.

Time disappears, then reappears on the other side of the earth, as the sun chases it.

I can catch it, albeit briefly.