This past week was Fleet Week here in the city. I make jokes about how attractive all the uniforms are, but I really do have a lot of respect for those serving our country.

I mean, I watched a very small parade in my part of town this afternoon. Navy and Army reserves, maybe? Followed by our very own MTA and NYPD playing bagpipes. And a high school marching band. A little one. And then some random citizens or community members waving little American flags. It was a good parade.

Now that the business of my birthday is out of the way, mostly, we can get down to serious matters. Like the National Spelling Bee! I’ve already started reading the bios on the spellers. 293 this year, the most they’ve ever had. Ghana and Germany and China and America Samoa and the trusty Canadian team. The Bee is gonna be(e) great.

So, in between looking for jobs, I’ll be tuning into the preliminary and semifinal rounds during the day Wednesday and Thursday on ESPN. Then Thursday evening = television screen + glue + my eyes.

Remember how I did those squats and lunges on Friday? And then I put 26 miles on my bike on Saturday? And remember how I didn’t mention how painful walking was this entire weekend? And remember how I didn’t describe riding past the aircraft carriers and feeling ever so proud to be an American?

I remember. I’ll always remember. Let’s always remember.