Birthday Gifts

My mom sent me something, even though I really hadn’t expected her to. It was a nice surprise. She told me not to be disappointed if I didn’t get anything because she was trying to help out my brother, which I fully support.

I consider the following video to be a gift from my friend, Lisa. I’ve been listening to this song constantly. It’s important to listen to this song full blast. The driving beat, the grittiness in her voice at the end of certain phrases. It’s a lot of fun, and I thank Lisa for sharing this video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero”“, posted with vodpod

I received an email from my junior high school band director. I don’t think he knows it’s my birthday. The day I finished the one piece about the clarinet solo in 9th grade, I sent him the link to the post. And then Monday night I wrote him again, telling him about Mechanical VIOLET. He wrote back, and I read the message today, and it was wonderful, and I could hear Mr. Coleman’s voice as his words jumped from the computer screen to my eyes.

Thanks again, everyone.

One thought on “Birthday Gifts

  1. I loooove that song. It’s a favorite on my workout playlist! Gets me all riled up. Glad you had a nice day!!!

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