Birthday Gifts

My mom sent me something, even though I really hadn’t expected her to. It was a nice surprise. She told me not to be disappointed if I didn’t get anything because she was trying to help out my brother, which I fully support.

I consider the following video to be a gift from my friend, Lisa. I’ve been listening to this song constantly. It’s important to listen to this song full blast. The driving beat, the grittiness in her voice at the end of certain phrases. It’s a lot of fun, and I thank Lisa for sharing this video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I received an email from my junior high school band director. I don’t think he knows it’s my birthday. The day I finished the one piece about the clarinet solo in 9th grade, I sent him the link to the post. And then Monday night I wrote him again, telling him about Mechanical VIOLET. He wrote back, and I read the message today, and it was wonderful, and I could hear Mr. Coleman’s voice as his words jumped from the computer screen to my eyes.

Thanks again, everyone.

MAYbe MAY’s BirthMAY Will Have MultiMAYrious Posts

I feel so immensely blessed, you guys. I love my seminary class so much.

In seminary, for people’s birthday’s, the students write something nice about the objects of celebration, and they write what they’d get them if they had a million dollars.

The students did that for me this morning. And I’m posting their thoughts here. No names, of course.

May – You are the best seminary co-teacher I’ve ever had! Ha Ha. No really – you inspire me with your insight and understanding of the gospel. Your testimony strengthens me, and your ability to be on time to seminary even you’re late astounds me. Also – Thanks for all the hours of free therapy, temple discussions, photo shoot park walks (I hope there will be more) and breakfast – not to mention all the wonderful lessons we’ve taught together.

– Okay, so this one’s pretty obvious who it is. My seminary co-teacher and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. We spent the afternoon in Central Park yesterday talking and taking photographs. This photo shows what else she got me for my birthday:

Not too shabby, eh?

May (drawn music notes, “We are naturalized American idiots”), I was thinking. You’re pretty cool, you blog, you are in an indie band and are super tight with the younger “generation.” Hanging out with them, going to shows, putting up with their nonsense, etc.

For a million dollars I’d get you:
-Enough time to bike across the country and live on the beach writing, playing clarinet during a sunset, and going to Starbucks to chat on facebook with me, to share witticisms, indie artists and stick figure comics. I’ll miss you when you’re in San Francisco. Race you to the bestseller list!

-Then this student proceeded to draw a few stick figure comics with inside jokes. Seriously, these cartoons are funny. This student for some reason wants me to move to San Francisco. This student just knows I should take on a new adventure. This student is typically right.

May! La la la la! Today is your birthday day, so I”m going to try to listen to your lesson. 🙂 Which might be a bad idea, considering how long it takes me to write these things. 🙂 So for your birthday present, I will give you that super hot guy, only he will be a member of the church – a super strong & steadfast member – who wouldn’t run away from you, EVER! And he would marry you, & make out w/you … May, you are awesome! Thank you for your fabulous lessons full of sound effects and scenarios and pogo sticks & wacky things. I adore you! 🙂 ❤ U!

-This student said the closing prayer in class today and made me cry. This student prayed for me and my current situation, that I’d find peace and choose the right path for me. These kids are always going beyond what they’re asked to do.

May May May … You’re birthday is today! La di da di da … it’s in the month of May! Wow okay that was a really sad attempt to rhyme this early. But i think you get the idea that it’s the thought that counts. Anyway HAPPY Birthday! You’re super duper lucky because today is going to be ABSOLUTELY gorgeous & sunny! What a perfect time to celebrate you! If I had a million dollars I would give you an immense amount of concert tickets. To any band or artist you want … EVER! And hopefully one of these days I will be able to go to a concert with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤ ya.

-This student’s life completely blows me away. This student is moving at the end of the summer, and it’s going to be sad. I might be moving at the end of the summer. It’s going to be sad.

When May was born, the world rejoiced. Flowers bloomed on all the trees and in the fields. Choirs of clarinets and ukuleles serenaded her with adaptations of classic rock songs. Rabbits bounded through the fields – each perched atop a pogo stick. Mirrors gathered from far and wide to have the honor of installing themselves in her room. Seminary students gathered from around the world to hear jewels of wisdom dispensed from her mouth. May – all your days be merry and bright and all your birthdays be white. Happy Birthday!

-This student is extremely grounded and intelligent and sincere and comprehends the gospel so … comprehensively. This student wrote the note similarly to the way I write birthday notes to my students. It was thoroughly flattering.

Happy birf dae Mae. Ay hoep yu kan haav ay fineanchalee secure yeer. Yu arr ay gurate seminairy teechr. Eeff aye haad a melyon dolers aye wood bye yu a sleip masheen su yu cood maed up lost sleip and bee a sinanairy teechr agan en 2010. Hav a gud yer and bee haapy.

-This student is smart and diligent and funny and clever, and this student is going to be an incredible leader and maybe rule the world alongside the student who thinks I should move to San Francisco. I can’t wait.

Dear May, Happy Birthday! The thought of starting seminary this year was a bit overwhelming for me, but thankfully I happened to get a teacher like you, and I know it was for a reason. You have taught me a lot this year with your lessons and especially with your devotionals. You are so sweet, I am lucky to have you as my seminary teacher. P.S. That hot runner in the park totally wanted you, he just didn’t want to make [co-teacher] feel bad. Love, [Student]

-This note was actually the first one read, and it made me cry. Except the part about the hot runner, and that made me laugh. Good times.

My class has no idea just how much I’ll miss seeing them this summer. My love, admiration, and respect for them is boundless.

After class, I headed over to the east-central part of Central Park, behind the Naumburg Bandshell to listen to Green Day perform. How nice of them to sing for my birthday. For free! Thanks, guys!

Then I got home and checked voicemails and text messages and facebook notifications. Thanks, everyone, for singing and texting and writing on my wall.  You’re the very best family and friends anyone could have, and it’s such a blessing having you in my life. You mean everything to me.

I guess now it’s time to make a wish …