Just Before Bed

So, Friday is my actual birthday. One of my roommates will be out of town, so she decided to throw me an early party in conjunction with the American Idol finale.

Great crowd, wonderful friends, lots of laughs and fun you can’t buy anywhere. Ice cream and cookie sandwiches and brownies and total shock about the winner. I mean, I really like Kris. And I totally adore Adam. I thought they were both stellar guys, and I’m pretty sure their careers will take off.

In fact, I’m sure they won’t have to worry about much. They’ll be successful and just fine. Because they know my birthday is coming up.┬áIn two days. The 22nd. 33 on 22. Could be fun. Should be. Will be. Always is.

You always make it better though. You need to be there.

My roommate just told me that May 20 is Eliza Doolittle Day. She sang the bit for me and everything. Because that proves it’s true.

Man, I love my month SO much.