Blurb for the Awesomest Playlist Ever

Remember how some friends and I were going to contribute 50 songs each and come up with a phenomenal conglomeration of music?

Well, I think it’s complete. I’m so excited to listen to what inspires my friends. Everyone has turned in her songs, and each of us has also written a few thoughts on the songs we decided to share. I’ll share mine. It kind of came to me one morning as I g-chatted with a friend. I looked it over, felt good about it, and turned it in. Can’t wait to read what the others have written.

“I’m trying to catch my breath. Suffering. Sometimes I feel I can describe myself. Other times it is virtually impossible. This playlist is an attempt to circumvent the other times. This music is me. I am sharing it. You’ll get to know me. Patty Griffin is obsession. Tori Amos is nostalgia. Mates of State, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Bach, everyone – they’re all singing and playing to me, about me, because they know me, and they can’t describe themselves without describing some part of me, and music is their way of describing me without really knowing me. How would they? It seems virtually impossible. Circumventable, though. Circles around. Doubling over. Some of the songs remind me of you, or you reminded me of them, since they were a part of me before our paths actually crossed. So you were a part of me before we met, and meeting you makes the songs tangible, palpable, real and true. Some of the songs just sound cool, for no reason than a visceral response or an appeal to the primal self; others have lyrics that connect to me a bit more deeply. Yet others have all the elements that undeniably, poignantly, surprisingly suckerpunch me. I’m recovering still. Hopefully, never completely.”