Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire; Lyre, Lyricist, Your Words A Mirror Kissed

I know I love Patty Griffin, but I’ll spare you this time to tell you about the Indigo Girls again. “Ghost” is one of the first songs of theirs I fell in love with, because of the story it tells, its haunting lyrics and how they so masterfully meld to the music. I’ll just post the lyrics here, the way they appear on their website:

there’s a letter on the desktop that i dug out of a drawer the last truce we ever came to from our adolescent war and i start to feel a fever from the warm air through the screen you come regular like seasons shadowing my dreams and the mississippi’s mighty but it starts in Minnesota at a place where you could walk across with five steps down and i guess that’s how you started like a pinprick to my heart but at this point you rush right through me and i start to drown and there’s not enough room in this world for my pain signals cross and love gets lost and time passed makes it plain of all my demon spirits i need you the most i’m in love with your ghost i’m in love with your ghost dark and dangerous like a secret that gets whispered in a hush (don’t tell a soul) when i wake the things i dreamt about you last night make me blush (don’t tell a soul) when you kiss me like a lover then you sting me like a viper i go follow to the river play your memory like the piper and i feel it like a sickness how this love is killing me but i’d walk into the fingers of your fire willingly and dance the edge of sanity i’ve never been this close in love with your ghost ooooh… unknowing captor you’ll never know how much you pierce my spirit but i can’t touch you can you hear it a cry to be free or i’m forever under lock and key as you pass through me now i see your face before me i would launch a thousand ships to bring your heart back to my island as the sand beneath me slips as i burn up in your presence and i know now how it feels to be weakened like Achilles with you always at my heels and my bitter pill to swallow is the silence that i keep that poisons me i can’t swim free the river is too deep though i’m baptized by your touch i am no worse at most in love with your ghost


I’ll probably continue on my thoughts about lyrics later. But for now, I have to get ready for band practice. Oh. Did I tell you that I’m in a band? Trumpet, clarinet, ukulele, and tambourine. Yeah, I know. You don’t have to say how awesome we are. We already know. I think we might actually agree on a band name tonight.

2 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire; Lyre, Lyricist, Your Words A Mirror Kissed

  1. Ok, so this song was on a mixed tape a boy, a pen-pal boy, sent me back in high school. Oooooh, I thought that was ripe with possibility and meaning. (Note: I still have his letters, but do not keep them in a drawer. Also, I do not recall any adolescent war. But he did break my heart by getting a girlfriend who lived in his actual zip code. Does that still make this song full of possibility and meaning???)

  2. Oh, May. You and I are made of the same stuff. Upon hearing “Ghost” for the first time at the age 21, my life was forever altered. Emily Saliers is nothing short of a poetic genius. It as thought she reached into the deepest part of my soul to give voice to a feeling I hadn’t been able to pinpoint until that point in my life. Favorite, favorite, favorite song. Maybe ever.

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