Hey. Yeah, You.

Yesterday was a bit of a heavy-traffic day here at mayiwrite.com. I looked at my stats and tried to figure out where all the viewing came from. I can’t nail it down to any single source.

For all you new folks, I hope you found a little something of what you’ve been looking for. I hope you come back.

For all you lurkers, I appreciate you. I may or may not know who you are, but hopefully you find something here useful or entertaining. Hopefully not blackmaily or otherwise extortiony.

For all you whose feeds spit out my posts on a seemingly obnoxious basis, thanks for not unsubscribing.

Thanks for reading. Seriously. You have no idea how much it means.


In other news, last night I went to a cabaret. Afterwards, some of us went to a restaurant to celebrate and we ended up sitting close to Geoffrey Rush. He did not look like a troubled piano prodigy or a pirate. So much fun.

The cabaret was excellent. Remind me to showcase Matt on the next Friend Feature. He’s really a stellar guy.

A little discussion.

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