Proof I Was at the Beach

I went to the beach for about 17 seconds on Saturday, April 25, 2009.  It was at Jacksonville Beach. It was a little bit crowded, the sun was high, the sand wasn’t too fine, and the water was perfect. For some reason I didn’t bring a swimsuit. Maybe I thought the water was going to be too cold. Anyway. My brother and I played in the sand for a little bit. I took some pictures. Mom and Tom went for a walk. My brother and I tossed around a frisbee. I waded in the ocean for a while, then people were hungry and wanted to go out to eat. Then we ate. Then we went home. I wish we would have been able to spend a little more time there. Here’s a photo of me at the beach as we were about to leave. I haven’t shown this much skin since the last time I went to the beach, a little less than a year ago. Children, cover your eyes.


Ha, just kidding.

I took quite a few pictures in Jacksonville, but ask me how motivated I am right now to post them.