This Shouldn’t Even Count as a Post

I have a library book overdue. It’s a good thing they don’t charge overdue fees based on the book’s size, because this book is 890 pages long. Maybe I should turn it in.

I could really, really use a massage. My body is tired, even though I haven’t really done all that much with it. Maybe I’ll go for a run in a little bit. That seems healthy, productive, and fun.

Maybe I should just take a nap. We had a big seminary class this morning – 10 students, and we could have had 11, but one did a wise thing  (perhaps) and did what I felt like doing and slept in.

What else could I do? Laundry. Clarinet. Study.

I practiced clarinet yesterday. That was actually quite fun.

Goodness knows my brain could use some stimulation.

And no one can have enough clean laundry.

Oh, remember that one scene about the subway performer that I posted a couple of weeks ago? No big news, just working on the next scene of the story. I’m pretty excited about that.

In case you care.

A little discussion.

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