In Case You’ve Forgotten

It’s May. The month.

I’m May. The May.

Instead of focusing completely on myself, I will list some of the things that have happened as a result of my termination of employment:

*Free time – surprisingly, I’m filling up the empty space quite nicely. Spacetime makes so much more sense when it’s free; Heisenberg’s principle doesn’t apply, since everything else is uncertain.
*Free lunch – how can it be that there’s no such thing?
*Free brunch – variation on that theme
*Free cream puffs – an important coping tool
*Free ticket to Wicked – so awesome, and I’m SO grateful (I know the tickets cost actual American currency; I’m onto you)
*Free, forwarded emails of open job positions – Hesitant to apply: if I keep getting free things, why do I need to work?

All these, except for the free time, courtesy of some of my best friends in history. Like Mufasa said, you know who you are. Or something like that.

Right now I’m working a slide presentation for a blogging discussion I’m leading tomorrow at the Stake Arts Festival.

It’s overcast here; I’ve heard some pretty big thunder. Love it.

Even if you don’t know who I am, have a great day. Have a great month. Skip around a Maypole with your ribbon and sing happy children’s songs which are really about fertility rituals.

Sheesh, you might as well sing that “Lusty Month of May” song from Camelot. Thanks for reading!

If you know who I am, don’t think about me like that. It’s creepy.

Happy May Day.