All Right Then

So, I delivered my talk at church this morning. I think it went all right. I cried and stuff. I mean, considering I used a lot of what I’ve posted on this blog as material for the talk, people seemed to respond positively. That makes me glad.

Also, someone who really intimidates me and whose approval I’ve always wanted approached me and said that I wrote the talk and presented it well.  He said some other stuff, but I was rather shocked and surprised that he was talking to me, so I forgot what it was. We talked about teaching a little bit. I thanked him for his kindness. He thanked me. He. Hee.

It might have helped that I looked pretty cute. Not tooting my own horn. Just an observation.

The boat party last night was fun. I mean, I had a good time because I couldn’t get over voluntarily confining myself on a boat for three hours with hundreds of other church singles. There were lots of people to meet, lots of people to avoid. The music was great. The weather and the scenery were amazing. Sitting in a corner, telling stories. Fidgeting. Enjoying great company. Watching people kinda sorta fall in love. Hilarious.

Today is a glorious day. Enjoy it. 75 degrees, sunshine. Seriously.

Oh, I curled my hair last night. A friend of mine actually did it. She used a flat iron and turned my board-straight hair into a bouncy mane of springy ringlets. I didn’t take pictures, but other people did.

I thought it might be nice to have cute, curly hair for my talk this morning. But after three hours on a boat, surrounded by water and the wind rushing through my hair, and after sleeping on it, and after looking in the mirror, I decided to pull my hair back. Yeah, there was no way I was going to subject my fellow churchgoers to that. It kind of looked like a small beast was attacking my head. Maybe a cross between a tasmanian devil and a poodle. Yes.

Got a priesthood blessing today. All I gotta say is, Wow.

Nap time!

In An Hour

I’ll be heading to the Hudson River at 42nd Street to board a boat that will circle the south half of Manhattan, and that will take three hours. Good thing I’ll be with friends, because if the music is bad, I’m gonna sue. True, I had the chance to request some songs, but if you’re a decent DJ, you have to have a constant finger on the pulse of people’s preferences for dance music. 

Maybe they’ll have good drinks and snacks.

Today I wrote my talk for tomorrow. I hope it’s okay.

Today I attended a block party/tag sale our church threw at 87th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Quite a few people passed through, and hopefully our youth raised enough money for camp this summer. It’s great to see people come together that want to help one another and love each other.

I have a feeling the vibe on the boat tonight might be a little different. Just sayin’.

A Couple of Summer Photos

Courtesy of Deena's Camera

This is my birthday party my roommates threw for me. They’re sitting beside me, right up front. Maybe you can tell I’d been practicing this pose all day. Maybe I had also been working on my tan?

Courtesy of Chuck's iPhone
Courtesy of Chuck's iPhone

Becky was so nice to squat so it looks like we’re the same height. Graduations are almost like weddings to me. Festive, celebratory, symbolic – relatable to the gospel. My little heart inside of my 4’10” body was about to burst with pride. I’m sure one of the Master of Science grads would have been able to administer CPR. And maybe he would have been cute.

See what I mean with the friends? Leaving this place is going to be so bleepin’ hard.


Yesterday morning, I was just telling my seminary class about one of the seven cities John the Beloved wrote to, you know, the whole deal about not being lukewarm or the Lord would spew them out of his mouth. Because their water supply system was such that once water reached the city, it was no longer cold, but lukewarm. Revelation chapter 3, or thereabouts. The city named Laodicea.

And the winning word for this year’s bee? Laodicean. Further evidence seminary is inspired.

This article has a weird grammar typo subtitle. Somebody might have gotten a little too excited writing it. Ironic. Hilarious. Love it. I hope no one catches it.

Congratulations, Kavya. You were calm and poised and exceptionally prepared. You totally earned it.

What an incredibly fun bee.

Prime-Number Time

11 finalists. 8pm, tonight, ABC. My crazy friends are humoring me by watching with me. Thanks, you guys.

It’s going to be a lot of fun.

OH! You know what was exciting? One of the Round Three words was sesquipedalian. That was one of the words I spelled at stake singles spelling bee in January 2007. Ooh. It was a third-round word for me, too! I struggled a little bit with that one, but I pulled it off.

No Canadians this year. The Midwest dominates the competition with six spellers. Everyone else is from California, Florida, Nevada, New York, Virginia. The Mormon boy from Hawaii is out.

I’m rooting for them all.

Little Bee

I’m watching the semifinals on DVR right now. Extremely exciting stuff. Um, speller 18 is supposedly 13 years old. Um, early testosterone boost?

Went to the temple this morning after seminary. Good experience.

I’m a little weepy. Feeling extremely vulnerable.

But, I totally spelled nescience correctly. Me and New Hampshire, Speller 159, we’re buds.

Almost Done

Down to 41. Looks like it’s gonna be a pretty exciting semifinal. The kids look pretty cool, and I recognize quite a few returning contestants.

I can’t really sleep. It’s almost 2am. I’m in the living room with my laptop. Maybe I could sleep, but I don’t know how much rest I would get, if that makes any sense.

If any of you can’t tell, I’m in pure escapist mode right now. Yes, I know I need to follow up on resume submissions. Yes, I know I could go out and look for temporary work. Yes, I know I should also probably apply to schools. Yes, I know I need to be praying more specifically about what’s happening next in my life. Yes, I know I could use a priesthood blessing. I know I need to be sensible. I know these things.

I feel like I’m fading. Emotionally, psychologically. I know it’s high time to be gone from New York City, and I’m doing my best to accept it, but I haven’t said anything about accepting it, and I pretty much won’t talk about it because I’m too busy escaping, not from New York, but from myself. Acceptance doesn’t mean painlessness. And I feel like I’ve blended into the background, like everybody else knows but they won’t say, but it doesn’t matter because they’ve already acknowledged it some other way and it’s like I’m already gone.

So it should be easier to leave then, right? Just slip out the back door.

I’m giving another talk this Sunday. It’s supposed to last 10 to 15 minutes.


May Is Such A Good Month

This is what I did today, and I wouldn’t have done anything else if I had the chance:


I watched my friend, Becky, graduate with her MBA from Baruch College! 

Here’s her name in the program:


Her name is actually printed on the right of the centerfold. She actually requested that, because she has a “reputation” to uphold, if you know what I mean.

Becky, I’m so proud of you, and I’m extremely grateful we’re friends. You deserve the very best in life.



More awesomeness at flickr.


Well, since blogs are inherently self-indulgent, I need to talk about my birthday some more.

I’ve celebrated seven birthdays here in NYC. Seven. In Biblical terms, that number symbolizes perfection. Completeness.

2003 – I hadn’t started my blog yet. (And when I did start it, I would only call it an “online journal” for years.) I went with my friend Janine and her roommate, Alicia to a one-man show. They actually let me tag along because I was still very new to the city and hadn’t made a lot of friends and the plans were very last-minute.

2004 – Oh, how funny. This is the year I sent CoffeeMate Creamer to a co-worker via interoffice mail, for fun, and it leaked everywhere and I got in pretty big trouble, because it kinda sorta turned into an anthrax scare. I mean, I was freaking out at the time, but now it’s pretty amusing. Stupid thing to do: New York City; white, liquidy, vanilla-scented substance, unsealed, all over the mail. C’est la vie, people.

2005 – That was the year we watched Episode III and I came up with that joke, and I threw a Napoleon Dynammite party. That was a cool party, people. Remember the invitation? Bingo, prizes, cake. Good crowd. Thank goodness the party was close to where we held Stake Conference that evening. Party on a Saturday. Nice.

2006 – Man, that was my 30th. What a great year! I had a XXX birthday party. That’s the Roman numeral for 30, you pervs. We had pulled barbecue pork sandwiches, lemon-mint lemonade, several types of desserts, and quite a few people showed up to my studio apartment on Bennett Avenue. There were worksheets with a matching game as well as a crossword puzzle about me. I’ll have to scan that in one of these days. That was also the year I came out pretty openly about my love for spelling bees.

2007 – 31. Prime number. This birthday was pretty laid back. I mean, how else can you follow your 30th? It was definitely time to start mellowing out. That was the summer I started cycling more and would put 30-40 miles on my bike every weekend.

2008 – So, I didn’t throw a party this year, either, but this was the year Becky and I roadtripped to Charlotte, NC and this was the year I had a month’s worth of dates and this was the year I got my driver’s license and started the process for naturalization. 32 was a good year. 2 to the 5th power.

2009 – My 7th birthday here in the city. It’s been wonderful. I’m trying not to talk about things that would dampen the spirit of my birthday, but it really does feel like my experience here in New York City has come full circle.

I’ve made friends who feel like family. I’ve made family into some of my very best friends. It’s time to focus. It’s time to let ourselves feel every emotion that goes along with this process. It’s time to be present in every single moment. This is New York City, after all. I’ve been awake for every single second of it. You know what I mean.