Why Do You Care So Much About Merlin Olsen Shirtless?

Seriously. That search term pops up in my stats ALL THE TIME. 

I went to seminary this morning. Pulled off a lesson that I took 15 minutes to prepare. Not that I’m bragging. It’s actually kind of embarrassing, how I can’t focus very well right now. It worked out, though. Those kids are amazing.

Then I went to the temple with my friend, Lynn. I had a really, really good experience there. 

Then we went to brunch.

Now I’m blogging.

Oh, I need to announce my reading! 

I’m reading!

Stake Arts Festival. Saturday, May 2, 2009; Lincoln Center Building; 4:30-5:00 PM. I get 15-18 minutes of that half-hour. Exciting stuff! 

See, life isn’t all sludgy tar acid rain deep-fried poop on a stick. What happened two days ago is in no way connected to any potential un/happiness in the rest of my life. At least it doesn’t have to be.

Oh, yeah. The rest of my songs on that list. Right. I’m on that. Fun music projects, yay!

One thought on “Why Do You Care So Much About Merlin Olsen Shirtless?

  1. Oh sure. Two days notice and the Mets on the road that day.

    Don’t be shocked, though. I’ve done far stupider things than have a chance to see you shine.

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