very quick summary

right now, i’m whistling gershwin’s “summertime,” even though it isn’t summertime, even though the livin’ isn’t easy.

i had a wonderful time in florida. i was telling a friend it was one of those experiences where i wish i could have stayed a little longer. i hadn’t felt like that in quite a while.

i’ll post photos soon.

actors study the range of emotions to portray different characters effectively. maybe actors should have shadowed me this weekend, because the range of emotions was pretty accessible. i went from pure elation to the deepest sadness. anger was somewhere in there, too.

some of the things people said to me:

“you seem so happy”
“maybe you can speak on sunday”
“you know, [so-and-so] married a total redneck”
“i appreciate the comment you made in sunday school”
“that’s my backfat hole”

that last one was by my brother in response to an observation at the beach that his shorts were a little low, and that i could see his butt crack. then he said something else about how the extra adipose tissue at the small of his back only gave the illusion of an unusually high crack.

why am i writing about this?

my family, you guys. i’ve omitted all the comments about farts on purpose.

we’re going through some trying times. it’s definitely a time of change and the transitions are going to be bumpy.

well, the life parts are bumpy, so the transitions should be relatively smooth. right?

i came back to new york city, attended a student’s band concert, went over to watch the Chuck season finale with becky, alicia, eleece, and elise. came home, cried myself to sleep thinking about my family, woke up with a huge headache, skipped seminary, went to work, and got fired.

so maybe summertime starts a little early for me.

but livin’ ain’t gonna be easy. at least for a little while.


on the upside, mom, at the end of the month i’ll hopefully have a new job.

anyone who wants more information can call or email. i’m still quite a bit tenderhearted, and i’d like a little introspective time. so maybe i’ll not answer the phone for a few days. just so you know.

but i do have to say i have the most amazing friends in the entire universe. they swooped in and took care of me, and i know i’d be in so much worse shape if it weren’t for them. thank you. prayers, positive thoughts, everything.

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