Excuse Me

Right now I’m not at a computer where I can upload media. So the song list of songs I can’t live without will continue tomorrow. I’ll share a pretty fun story that happened this evening:

I went to Banjo Jim’s on 9th Street and Avenue C to check out Alex Brumel and Janel Elizabeth, the same duo I wrote about on Monday. I arrived about 10 minutes early and I sat by myself waiting for Becky.

A woman sitting at a table not too far away made eye contact with me. We smiled at each other. I then looked away and continued bobbing my head to the background music.

Becky and I were texting each other while she was on the M14 making her way across town. 

May: This place is NOT classy inside, fyi.
Becky: Want to stay or go somewhere else?
May: It’s fine, I’m excited about the band.
You are a really fast walker.
Becky: I’m on the bus. Sorry.
May: Awesome. Anyone cute?
Becky: 7th is pretty far from C. No, no one.
May: 10 Avenues. Like a mile and a half? Elders stopped me tonight. Trying to get me to look at the mysterious exhibit.
Becky: I guess I should have taken the L.

At this point, the woman who smiled at me before approached me and asked, “Excuse me, do you have a blog?”

And I said, “Yes, I do.”

“Did you write something about Alex and Janel?”

“Um, yes?”

“I read what you wrote about them. I’m Alex’s mom. It’s my job to see what kind of exposure my son is getting.” 

[I’m paraphrasing, by the way.]

“Yes, I really like them.”

“Well, you’re a very good writer. Are you a professional?”

(Blushing) “No, it’s just a hobby.”

“I remember reading something about being Filipino and four-ten? When I saw you, I figured it was you.”

We laughed.

I told her she made my day. She thanked me for writing nice things about her son.

She went back to her seat.

Then, I continued texting Becky.

May: I have a story for you. It’s pretty awesome.
So. The guy of the duet. His mom. Just came up to me. Asked me. Do you have a blog?
She said she read the blurb I wrote about them. Asked if I was a professional. I blushed.
Becky: Nice! When was that? Who is this band? I will never get there.
May: Just now. They’re sound checking.

Some people moved from one of the front tables and I grabbed the seats. Alex’s mom called out to me and asked if I wanted to sit by her and her sister, and I told her I was waiting for a friend. A few minutes later Becky walked in.

Then the show began.

They didn’t disappoint. I can’t get enough of their harmonies. And I like the quality of their voices. And their writing is pure and honest. And their songs are appealing and catchy and rich and complex and all it takes is one or two guitars and two voices that blend phenomenally. And, you can now download their songs from iTunes. So you should check them out.

I’m officially a fan. Mostly of Sue.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

3 thoughts on “Excuse Me

  1. Wow, how cool! I watched the video when you posted it the other day and also enjoyed them. Beautiful voices, beautiful lyrics, beautiful songs. You’re so lucky to have great live music at your doorstep!

  2. good morning, may!!
    i finally stopped laughing after reading your blog…my mom and i spent a great night together before seeing alex and janel
    at banjo jim’s. at dinner, the waiter was shocked to learn that my mom was not my sister. then during the show, i heard someone refer to alex as my mom’s nephew.
    i have been teasing my mom ever since, that i won’t go out with her anymore ’cause she looks too good. and then i read your blog, where you refer to her as my sister. i called my mom to read it to her and we laughed so hard we cried!! it was very nice meeting you, by the way. and i do believe your critiques of artists are excellent. i enjoy reading them all, especially the ones about alex and janel. lol. oh yeah, and i’ve never had my own fan before…it’s kinda fun. hope to see you at other shows.

  3. I do have to say, your mom looks terrific. That she could be your sister is an easy assumption to make, and by listening to guys at the show behind you (who seemed to be hitting on you both) call Alex your mom’s nephew, I figured my assumption was also a good guess. No, and … no.

    Both of you look great, and I wouldn’t have thought you looked old enough to support a son taking the NYC music scene by storm. Who’s old enough to drink beer. I probably will see you at other shows. That’ll be nice. Again, thanks so much for reading, and I wish Alex and Janel all the success in the world!

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