Bonding Chat

:)’s [full name] … vanderbilt

you’re totally marrying into southern money

2:01pm 🙂
oh yes i am!
2:02pm May
they totally need your persuasive ways down there

singles dinner at my house
2:05pm 🙂
haha why?

2:06pm May
they’re convinced that theirs is the only way. and their ways are sometimes really bizarre and delusional

i already have plans today.

2:06pm 🙂
yeah my dads ward


i think they could use me in the jello/cabbage part of the world

2:07pm May
them too

those worlds sometimes combine, and it’s a big jello and grits mess

2:08pm 🙂

2:08pm May
just an idea. i know you have big plans for the world

2:09pm 🙂
i do

2:10pm May
i’ll just wait for that, then

yeah well

no rush

2:11pm May
no pressure

2:11pm 🙂
the world is not yet ripw mwahaha

2:11pm May

2:11pm 🙂
im going to be pretty chill

ruling the world

2:11pm May
i’ll be so thrilled

2:12pm 🙂
mandatory i heart irony shirts for my staff

2:12pm May
i’m glad i already have mine. oh. am i staff?

2:13pm 🙂
sure chief of…

wha do you want to be cheif of?

2:14pm May
oh, anything. subtleness. something

chief of small things

2:14pm 🙂
i liek that

overlooking small people, skittles, paperclips and monoco

2:15pm May

2:16pm 🙂
any any microbiology we have lying arounf

2:16pm May
very nice

i’m very excited

2:16pm 🙂
me to



2:18pm May
who’s in charge of reclining chairs?

[someone we know]


2:19pm 🙂
ha g2g happy birthday

i mean eater


you, too!

2:19pm 🙂
yes thats it


2:20pm 🙂 is offline.

A little discussion.

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