So I mentioned these girls are helping me relive my 20s, but last night was one friend’s birthday, and what we did to celebrate last night took me back to high school. Big time.

We went to the Village Vanguard. Best jazz club in the city. Monday nights the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra performs. They’re Grammy winning; they’re magnificent. We went to their 11pm gig. I was so glad my friend is a jazz lover and we were able to love jazz with her.

Experiencing live music with this chick is so much fun. She’ll analyze it and describe it, and I’ll just listen to her talk about music forever. Seriously. Also? She plays the trumpet. And just about every other instrument in the world.

Besides being musical, this girl is funny and fun and a fiercely loyal friend. She knows what she knows. And she knows it beyond the shadow of a doubt. And she knows it with more heart than anyone I know. And I know people with heart. She takes the cake. Today, it was cupcakes. Four of them. Hope the wish you made comes true.

Yeah, she’s totally one of those who excels in everything she does.

Don’t piss her off, though: she’ll cuss at you in her mind.

Thanks for the nostalgia. Thanks for your friendship I’m not worthy to have. Happy birthday.

A little discussion.

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