Feedback Capers

The arts festival submission deadline is April 1. Some easy conclusions have come from feedback I’ve received so far. Choose your own adventure, and check the cut to see where your path leads:

A. Who is this? That’s the little girl in the masthead? All I was doing was following tags about cookies, and this is NOT where I expected to end up.

B. It takes way too much energy to CLICK on a LINK with a MOUSE. How many links are there? 97? How about let’s click on that X at the corner of this window?

C. I love this! She writes on a blog that I can read for free? Every day? That’s so cool!

D. How needy. Blogs are already self-indulgent. Now, she’s fishing for compliments. And, can’t she make her own decisions?


A. Where are the cookies? Where the pictures of cookies? Recipes? Aren’t there stories of cookies talking to each other?



B. Oh, no. I was doing my taxes on another tab, and I accidentally closed all the tabs. And that email! breaking up with my boyfriend! I hate karma.



C. Where can I get more of these free blogs? What a fabulous way to spend my time! I’m gonna pop some corn! or make lemon bars!



D. Poor May. No wonder she isn’t married.

A little discussion.

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