While at Church

“There has to be some powerful metaphor about my sore throat and not being able to sing loud or high or in tune and how I can hear myself and it’s a little amusing yet frustrating because my vocal chords really do want to sound good, but all I can really do is croak. Does that count, croaking? When the desire is there and that’s all that’s within my ability at this time?”

That’s all I got.  Less than half a page in a small notebook that I carry around. Trying to sing hymns today was a little challenging. But I had healthy, strong voices around me supporting me, worshiping through their robust song. It didn’t diminish my church experience at all. Quite the contrary.

Church today was pretty amazing, the spirit was particularly strong. The speakers’ messages rang especially true within me. Sunday school classes were insightful and stimulating and profound. The stream of tears was constant. The fellowship and unity were tight.

The sun is shining. I still sound a little bit froggy, but my health is definitely on the upswing.

For all those who know what’s going on in my life, thank you for your prayers and support, your buoying spirits, your being there, just like angels.

A little discussion.

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