Happy Silky Smooth First Day of Spring!

I can’t stop feeling my legs. They feel nice.

I should just throw away the razor I used. I must have shaved two and three and four times to make sure all the hair was gone. No stubble. It’s not like my leg hair would have dulled the razor that much. But this razor ushered in spring for me. It peeled off my winter fur. Use the razor once for what happens only once a year. The ritual razor. Ooh, I should build a shrine for this razor, replace it every spring when I’m ready to shave my legs. Then do a dance that showcases my new legs. No.

I shaved my left leg first, then I held the bald leg up against the furry right leg. Then I shaved the right leg. Then I toweled off, then I applied lotion. No razor burn, no dry skin. I think I covered everything on the checklist. I do calf raises all the time. I’m short: I have to tippy-toe for nearly everything I do. Yes.

I know I shaved the night before the first day of spring, but if I waited until tomorrow, it wouldn’t have happened until tomorrow night, and I wanted my legs to enjoy the entire day hair-free. I’m sure you understand. I hope. No?

I didn’t take pictures this time.

I really have to go to bed. Maybe asleep by 10:00 this time. That would be great.

I’m looking forward to a really low-key weekend. Maybe I’ll spend it feeling my legs. There’s a plan. Yes.

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