The Monster Reemerges, The Leprechaun Chants

Amusingly unlucky charms –¬†she’s passively aggressive.

She won’t tell you what’s wrong, but she’ll let you know something’s up, whether it be by slamming doors or the cold shoulder or the snide, sarcastic remark.

The monster has a delayed sting; most of the time you won’t realize she has drawn blood until you’re about to faint from weakness. The cuts are even and clean. They’ll heal just fine and in time for her to slash again.

Passive-Aggressive¬†attended seminary this morning. It wasn’t good.

Another creature appears, though, this one of Detachment. She pushes Passive-Aggressive away, at least momentarily. She stays distant and quiet, and she occasionally lets the True Personality through. Sometimes if the True personality is present, she’ll laugh or interact or converse fluently.

Detachment tries to process confusion and fear, she tries to transform negative energy into something useful, but somehow it’s self-defeating.

Both are pests, annoying, unwelcome; both are party poopers; both are fighting for facetime while I wait it out.

I can’t afford to wait it out.

I just wish I could deal with things better.