I Love ’80s Dances

Okay, so I wasn’t entirely sold on a church activity tonight in my ward.

Service auction, followed by ’80s dance.

The service auction rocked. The auctioneer was our resident British person, and she was quick, and you had to be on your toes with your paddle if you wanted the winning bid.

The ’80s dance ROCKED. It’s SO surreal watching married people with kids dance. I don’t know why that is, but I forget sometimes that’s how we Mormons meet people. My fellow churchies are good dancers, people. I had a great time, and I know my body will very sore in the morning.

Today, I went to the temple. Can I just say how … fetching I look in white? We wear white in our temples. Interestingly, no one has asked me or approached me in any way about a certain cable television series episode that supposedly depicts something incredibly sacred to our church. Huh.

Today I went to try helping one of my students with his Eagle Scout project. However, I got out of the temple too late, and everyone was gone when I got to Riverside Park. Instead I went to a friend’s house and we talked and ate taco salad.

I like taco salad.

I just had a very fun and friendly chat with an old high school friend, Brian. We talked about books and music  and movies and he gave me some recommendations for my library and Netflix queues. He gave me addicting websites, and I felt cool suggesting to him the Bryant Park Project on NPR.

Man, what a good guy, that Bri. His son’s growing very fast.

It’s very hard staying awake right now. I danced away all my energy; it’s definitely time for sleep. More later.