Insider Info

10:36 PM me: [friend]

braveboy’s friend: hi may

how are you?

me: doing fine. you?

braveboy’s friend: pretty good

me: so … tell me about [brave boy]

braveboy’s friend: he’s a good guy

10:37 PM let me see

how much do you know about him

he’s a patent attorney

and he’s the workhorse of our branch

[another friend] make’s him do all the work

me: i didn’t know what he did for a living.

we talked briefly at speed dating

10:38 PM we showed up on each other’s yes lists

braveboy’s friend: oh cool

that’s exciting

he’s really smart

and I can tell he works through a lot of things in his head before executing

he thinks a lot about the gospel and doctrine

10:39 PM pretty much if there is an opportunity for him to sign up for service, he’ll do it

me: very cool

braveboy’s friend: pretty sure his undergrad was in chem engineering

was that the only time you guys have met?

10:40 PM me: he’s kind of on the einstein track, then, doing patent work, thinking quantum things on the side

that is the only time we met

he seems pretty easy to talk to

braveboy’s friend: yeah he’s a friendly guy

10:41 PM me: well, he emailed me his number. i’m supposed to call him so we can plan meeting up

braveboy’s friend: are you going to call?

me: …

braveboy’s friend: haha

me: i actually texted him, saying i’d try calling tomorrow night

10:42 PM braveboy’s friend: so he has your number them

sorry, then

me: that’s right

i’m a little nervous, honestly

10:43 PM braveboy’s friend: yeah I totally understand

you’re nervous to go on a date?

10:44 PM me: at the whole thing, i guess

braveboy’s friend: yeah dating is always a little painful, I think

me: have to give it a shot, though

braveboy’s friend: oh yeah totally, you never know

never a bad idea to get to know somebody better

10:45 PM me: thanks for the information

it’s very helpful

braveboy’s friend: yeah if you need any more info. I don’t know if that was helpful at all

10:46 PM i hope this doesn’t scare you at all, but he’s definitely in the mindset to get married

10:47 PM me: now THAT’S helpful

braveboy’s friend: so I find that refreshing in a lot of ny guys

he’s not going to waste your time for sure

10:48 PM me: very good to know

i appreciate it

braveboy’s friend: no problem

One thought on “Insider Info

  1. Ooooh May, so exciting! I am bouncing in my seat right now reading this! Yay for you! He sounds great. Please keep me posted on everything, I’m very anxious to know how it turns out. I’m sure he will love you, who doesn’t?!?

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