First Contact

Dear May,

It appears to me as if we both checked yes for each other at the speed dating event. I was fortunate to have a little extra time for talking with you which appears to have helped my cause. My cell phone number is [definitely none of your business]. Will you call me some time? We could talk some more and set up a time when we could go out for dating.

[brave boy]

Backstory: We had a singles speed dating activity on Saturday, February 28. Row of guys sat across from a row of gals. At least 150 of us were there. Guys and gals were assigned numbers. I was 72. Get to know the person sitting in front of you as much as you can for 3 minutes, then guys get to shift over one seat. We had a series of 3-minute rounds, and we zipped through a few 90-second rounds as well. We did this for an hour and a half. Each of us met around 30 people. We wrote down each person’s number and his name on a card, and we wrote “yes” or “no” next to the name if we wanted to see him again. The guys did the same thing for the gals.

We received the results this past Friday, when they actually promised them in two weeks, so that was impressive. If the guys and gals had mutual yesses on their cards, they were given each other’s contact information (email address). 

So I’ve been staring at this list every time I check my email, and the skeptic in me really wondered if any of these guys meant the “yes” they wrote and would follow up with at least a call.

It sometimes helps to be skeptical, because then you’re surprised when someone does contact you. I received the email today.

So. Yeah. Here goes. Should be fun.

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