So last night, a guy friend introduced me to two of his guy friends. They’re both earning post-secondary degrees in fascinating fields.  We chatted for a little bit, then we split up into different groups for appetizers and dinner. The one friend and I would exchange quick looks and I kept hoping we’d end up at the same table. He’s handsome.

We never ended up at the same table.

The dance began, and I’d mosey over to the two friends every once in a while to say hi. They started out only watching the dance from the perimeter, then the one finally removed his jacket and made his way with the other friend toward the center of the dance floor. They weren’t really dancing, but watching still with that head-bobbing-thing-to-the-beat that guys do. You know.

He was wearing a collared, button-down shirt. White with a light blue grid pattern. Untucked, but not slovenly. He had short hair, but it was curly. And red.

We’d wander and drift near each other, but neither of us made any definite moves. I finally decided it was time to go. I picked up my things from downstairs then headed back upstairs where these two friends where standing together, back in one of the out circles of the rhythm inferno. I walked up to them. They were turned around. I tapped them on their arms at the same time. I told them it was nice meeting them and to have a safe drive back. (They came from a few hours away.)

I love red hair on guys. It might be an obsession for me.

They said it was nice meeting me, too. We waved goodbye to each other.

I went with a girl friend to wait for the elevator. The two friends came out and down the hall toward the elevator where I waited. They didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything. I was amused.

As my friend and I waited for a cab on the corner of 87th and 3rd, my guy friend and his friends approached the corner. Hmm.

I wish we would have gotten to talk a little bit more. The flirting glances were fun, the passing strides only to make sure we saw each other were intriguing. It felt a little bit out of this world.

And now, I kind of can’t stop thinking about him.

Oh, well.

One thought on “Degrees

  1. I feel so bad now and wished we had a cab that was large enough to fit EVERYONE that was at that corner. I’m sorry. Seriously, next time, tell me to chill out a bit. I’m all about helping the cause!

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