Today, I’m Thankful For

-seminary students who also appreciate mini powdered donuts

-friends who live downtown who let me power nap during my lunch break. You know who you are. If you ever come across this blog, thanks a million.

-my tendency to catch on to most games I’m playing for the first time. I played a game of Hand and Foot with some friends from church. My team won by over 7,000 points.

-friends who’ve loaned me a couple of Shawn Colvin albums

-text messaging

-the unbelievably beautiful weather. It turned out to be a sweater day even though I brought my winter coat. Mid-60s tomorrow, people.

-Orangina, the slightly carbonated orange beverage. That stuff is delicious.

-my tired, worn-out body. It means I’ve kept busy and got a lot done.

Good night, all.

A little discussion.

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