I Had A Spam Comment Today Waiting for Review

And it went something like this:

Thanks for possibility to write on your website,
I read some of the posts and I think it is great!
I haven’t been up to anything recently.
Anyway thanks for the post.
Here is my site:


Well, I disabled the link that my newfound friend left as a part of her signature, but I left it the blue color that trademarks the drug she’s advertising. I mean, I could have changed the type all to black. But Ms. viagara has read some of my posts. She writes truth! I know this! She made the effort to tell me what’s up in her life (BAD pun not intended), and, she thanks me for writing AND thanks me for letting her comment. Showcase the spam, leave her name in royal blue: it’s the least I can do, right? Wow, it’s SO easy to make friends.

In other news, I applied for a passport today. I waited less than 20 minutes in line. Downtown, at that federal post office building on Church Street. 20. Minutes. Not too shabby at all. Bureaucrazy is not dead, but maybe was out to lunch. My attendant was an Asian woman named Ms. Lui, and she was as helpful and patient as can be. It is truly a day of miracles. That brown booklet, that 10-year ticket to ride should land in my grubby little paws in about a month. World, you are an oyster, and it is mine. MINE!

I hope I can find some time to write meatier stuff this weekend.

Oh! I’ll be visiting Jacksonville April 24-27. I’m very excited.

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