Bittersweet Escape

New York, NY (mayiwrite Press) — A rabbit named Pig escaped from his space Monday evening. He apparently crawled through a small gap between a chair under his owner’s loft bed and the blinds that created the boundary between his habitat and the rest of the world. He hopped onto a nearby rug.

May, Pig’s owner, came home around 10:30 PM Monday and her roommate yelled from their bedroom that there was a problem. May stated she walked into the room and found the little lagomorph trying to do a rather curious thing. Her roommate told her Pig explored the chair under the loft bed and stayed mostly on the rug. Pig fortunately had not encroached the roommate’s property.

He apparently had other plans instead:


It seems all he wanted to do was write. May stated her rabbits (the other rabbit, Chicken, hasn’t yet tried to go beyond their designated area) have a blog. They haven’t updated their blog in a while, a few months, at least. She said, “Maybe they just missed writing. Their blog was all about climbing to high places and exploring the world around them. It was about perseverance. It was inspiring. Pig is a free spirit. He finally broke loose, and the first thing he wanted to do was write about it.”

The whole situation crashed, however, as May watched Pig type manically on her laptop, probably about his clever escape, pattering away on the keyboard, and then he looked up at her with sad, desperate eyes, begging her to let him keep writing. May looked back at him and then she looked at the computer. The computer wasn’t even turned on. Pig had been dancing for a dead screen. His thoughts never materialized.

May picked up the little, black bunny, hugged him close to her, gently petted his head, walked him back to his space, placed a bigger barrier at the edge of the space so he wouldn’t get into any more trouble, gave both of the rabbits some food, and they all mourned the post that never was.

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Escape

  1. I’ve almost forgotten how georgeous Pig was . I wanted to just pet his little head . Hi Pig and Chiken ,grandma missed you both .

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