Je Suis Très Fatiguée

It’s not even funny. You know how yesterday was funny, it was So Funny it brought me to tears and spasms and probably the best abdominal workout I’ve had in a long time? That is not now. My eyelids are drooping as I type, and I know I had something else in mind to post today, but I’m too tired to remember what it is. Today, I’m So Tired, that I probably won’t change into pajamas, that I might sleep through my alarm, that I’ll think twice before staying up too late more than once a week, that I laugh at everything and make indistinguishable sounds or coo kind of like a baby that’s fascinated with her new voice or is already sleeping and having pleasant dreams and boy, do I want pleasant dreams, and I’m so excited because I’m about to get them. I’m so tired, my body aches and my breathing is shallow, and the cars driving on the street sound like ocean waves from one of those nature CDs of white noise. I could sleep in a seashell forever, drifting in the ocean, moving with the waves, humming along with the splashes of the incoming tide, underneath a soft, yet powerful moon, hypnotizing me to deep, subconscious depths. Carrying me away. I’m so tired, that I could fall asleep right at this very sec