New Fiction Page

I promise not to go crazy with the pages. But if you would look at the top of masthead you’ll notice a link for fiction. I’m going to try to keep my stories in one place, so it’s easier for everyone to access, especially me. I’m taking a creative writing course right now, and it would be nice if I could pull the stories up easily.

It’s not like I’m prolific, or even any good yet, but I like being able to know what I have written and what I need to work on. I foresee some incomplete and abandoned stories. I like that; it kind of means I’m listening to my muses properly. Plus, I have to keep practicing. That’s the only way, people.

Also, the stories I had to split into two entries in LiveJournal I combined into one post here at WordPress. I think WordPress and I are at the holding hands stage now.

I’ll keep digging through the archives and posting as I come across any stories. I’ll try to keep them in chronological order.

If you have feedback to give, I’d greatly appreciate it.

A little discussion.

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