This Is Not Really How I Want to Put This. Whatever.

The nostalgia is kind of intense.

I think about where I was in my life in my early to mid-20s.

I moved to New York City when I was 26 years old. A lot can happen in 26 years. A lot has happened in the past 6 years.

I was no where as cool or healthy or stable back then.

Yes, that does mean I think of myself as cool(-er) and healthy(-ier) and stable(r) now. I mean, look at me. Spend some time with me. See for yourself. Also, I’m remarkably humbler.

These new friends I have have allowed me a second chance at my 20s. Not that everything about that time in my life was regrettable. I really liked my 20s for the most part. But living it with the perspective I have now is interesting. It has helped mold me into who I am. Which, like I said: cool, healthy, stable. I don’t know, I might be cuter, too.

What’s particularly impressive is that my new friends in their 20s are living with a similar perspective that took me years away from that decade to develop and value. They are so ahead of the game.

I think I’m all big and bad and can offer all sorts of wisdom because of the years behind me. (As if I’m all that old.) While everyone learns life’s lessons in different ways and at different times, you’re still so much better off making the right decisions in the first place.

But I think we’ll be all right if we just keep doing the best we can.

A little discussion.

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