Another Quote, and My Life Is Seriously Just Beginning

“Any man, any man would be proud to stand up and say he is your father.”

-My Dad

I write here because I feel safe here.

My tear ducts had no warning whatsoever when my dad said that. It was like my heart immediately swelled and pumped a mild, saline solution that streamed freely from my eyes. One of the very few things that brings me to instant, spontaneous tears is when my parents acknowledge the innate and deep bond I have with them. The very thing that will always be there regardless of the wacky and bizarre circumstances that keep popping up in my life; regardless of the knee-jerk reactions and judgments I have to past behaviors or forgotten memories or whatever else. That bond, that’s the core of my heart. It is truly a blessing. 

My dad was not a perfect man, but he was a good man, and he raised me. I really miss him.

I missed two calls today:


This is still so very weird to me, people.

I sent a text message to BioDad, saying I was sorry I missed his call and told him to have a good week.

I returned Dad’s call, and we had a nice talk. He seems to be doing well. It’s great to hear him talk about how his prayers are being answered and how his life is getting back on track.

Some fun facts about BioDad:

-He’s 5’4″. You totally could take him.
-We try to talk every week, or at least every other week.
-His SISTER, who lives in ROCKLAND COUNTY, called me this last week. I returned her call. She invited me to visit her sometime. She’s probably in the category of people who didn’t believe I existed. She actually suggested a paternity test to him. Just to make sure. That’s weird.
-The other person who doesn’t believe I exist? His wife. She’ll be coming to the States in about a month to stay for … about a month. BioDad wants to introduce me to her. That should be interesting.

To bring up the cliche, all the wacky and bizarre things happening in my life are happening for a reason. Or many reasons. Think of how many lives are being influenced. I’m looking forward to all that might unfold. This is all for the greater good, the grand plan, the eternal scheme, the massive, boundless picture.

Also, to those whose ears have fallen victim to my verbal processing of the real-time play-by-play, thank you. Dear friends, you are. You’re the best.

2 thoughts on “Another Quote, and My Life Is Seriously Just Beginning

  1. Wow May, that made me tear up, too. I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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