Another New

Most of the time new friends make me nervous, not because of anything they’ve done or said. It’s only because they’re new, and I don’t know very much of their personalities or preferences or ways of thinking yet.

It never ceases to amaze me when friends find me quickly. I’m usually relatively well-guarded. Making friends used to take so much longer. And it surprises me when our dispositions are somewhat similar. Somewhat.

I’ve made a good friend these past few months. In some ways I feel like I’ve run into a twin: we’re both kind of quiet, yet feisty. But we look nothing alike: tall, short; strawberry blonde, dark brunette; curly hair, straight (except tonight, when she straightened hers); fair complexion, dark; blue eyes, dark brown.

There’s a 9-year age difference, which, if I were 14 and she were 5, it might be a bigger deal. Plus, she’s a lot more mature than her age suggests. And I’m a bit more immature. So we meet in the middle.

We celebrated her birthday this evening. There was cake. And candles. And good company. We went around the room and said what we like about her. One of her best friends wrote her an awesome song. Then the rest of us tried to follow that.

When it came to my turn, I said, “[My friend] is perceptive. And patient. And deep. And a fast and easy [planned pause, at least 1 second] … friend.” Then the group burst into laughter.

Then I explained how easy it was making friends with her. And others pointed out that the bunnies really took to her, then she told a story about how the bunnies licked her hand the last time they saw her when she schlepped it all way up to Inwood on a local-train, shuttle-bus weekend to attend a citizenship celebration.

She definitely does not take her friends for granted.

Another adjective for the list: devoted.

Add, still, and if you could, a bunch of other thoughts about friendship that language can’t capture.


Happy birthday, girl.