Today Is NOT the End of the Road, Mr. Immigration Man!

It’s late. I had a phenomenal day. I don’t even know where to begin. Even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to describe today. Hopefully this photo does a sufficient job. It started with me becoming American:

Courtesy of Marcus Bowers
Courtesy of Marcus Bowers

 That’s right, America. May is in the house.

And, the day ended with some amazing Americana:


More later, of course.

Haiku Sleep Anxiety, Naturalization Version

She watches the clock
She wants to be sleepy now
But she’s excited

She cannot focus
Her words are a scattered mess
Like toddlers and toys

She’s almost thirty-three
She could have done it sooner
Now is just as well

The years pass quickly
Blurring life with life’s events
And yet minutes drag

Her motherland. It’s not quite
Her homeland. It’s here.

She’s here, awake, still.
Living the dream, so alive.
American dream.